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Thinking Global

Tuesday, May 21st at 6:30pm 49 months ago
Join us for the last night of our lecture series discussing communities and architecture. All the way from Portland, Oregon, Sergio Palleroni will discuss his work in developing countries as well as his contributions to BaSiC Initiative: a program that supports community partnerships, from housing solutions for Native Americans, to housing and community services for migrant farm workers, to schools and health clinics in central Mexico.

Check out Sergio on TEDxTalks:
And on Design: e²:

How do communities impact architecture, and how does architecture impact communities? We know how to create more sustainable buildings, but how can we create more sustainable communities? As our lives become increasingly interconnected how do the spaces, in which we interact, adapt to an ever-changing social landscape? We'll explore these issues and more in three dynamic evenings with local and international architects who have pioneered socially engaged design practices.

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