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From Land to Water: The Walking Whales

Tuesday, April 4th at 7:00pm 4 weeks ago
Royal Ontario Museum 100 Queens Park, Toronto, ON
From sea to land and back again, the evolution of whales has puzzled researchers since the time of Charles Darwin. Combining the newest fossil evidence and modern genomic research, Dr. Hans Thewissen takes us on an epic journey to uncover the origin of modern whales.

J.G.M. 'Hans' Thewissen is the Ingalls- Brown Professor of Anatomy at Northeast Ohio Medical University. His work focuses on mammalian anatomy, development and evolution, with research interests centered around the evolutionary patterns associated with major morphological shifts in mammalian evolution. Dr Thewissen's book, The Walking Whales: From Land to Water in Eight Million Years, will be available for sale and signing during the post-lecture reception.
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