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Transverging Cognition and Creativity

Friday, June 10th at 5:30pm 12 months ago
89 York Boulevard, Transmedia Lab - Accolade West 103, Toronto, ON Directions
Novak will speak on how can we, in the 21st century, understand creativity and cognition is a way that is at once consonant with both the “sciences of the artificial” and with the “ecology of mind”? Given our accelerating advances in the understanding of mind as mechanism, and given our evident aim to imbue autonomous machines with artificial life, artificial intelligence, and artificial consciousness, and, given that the built world is always and necessarily the mirror of our choices and values, by what ethics can we guide our technics, and by what means, and to what ends?

Marcos Novak is a Professor at the University of California, Santa Barbara, where he is affiliated with CNSI (the California NanoSystems Institute), MAT (Media Art and Technology), and Art. He named the UCSB AlloSphere (the three-story high sphere for the creation of immersive virtual environments, the largest such facility in the world originally proposed by Dr. Kuchera-Morin) and created its first project, the AlloBrain using fMRI scans of his own brain. He is the Director of the transLAB at UCSB.
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