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Mastering CSS with Sass

Wednesday, January 27th at 6:30pm 16 months ago
CSI Spadina, Suite 400 215 Spadina Avenue, Toronto, ON
CSS is the language used to make the web beautiful. Learn how to use Sass to make your CSS beautiful!

But why make CSS more complicated?
1. Preprocessors extend the language by adding useful, time-saving features.
2. It will make your code more organized, thus easier to maintain and reuse.
3. You can use as many features as you want so the learning curve is only as steep as you want it to be. Even the basic features will improve your workflow.

About this workshop:
Take your current CSS workflow to the next level by unlocking the power of CSS preprocessors. This workshop will briefly examine the various options but will focus on using Sass.

Fundamentals such as variables, mixins and nested rules will be covered as well as more in-depth features such as functions, operations and mixins.
You'll also learn how to "Sassify" your existing CSS, create modular code and maintainable site architectures for your next project!

Basic knowledge of HTML & CSS is required.
Must bring your own laptop. Apple laptop is preferred but not required but I will be teaching on a Mac.

What others are saying!
"Christina has an incredible way of breaking down a complex topic and explaining it to her students in a thoughtful and inclusive approach to learning. During my time at HackerYou Christina was a mentor to me in more ways than one; not only did she expertly demonstrate coding concepts and tech skills to her students, but she offered valuable insight and knowledge into what it's like working in the tech industry." -Gab White

"I've gotten to know Christina very well during my 3 years as her student at Humber College. Her distinct teaching approach and specific insights not only helped me progress as a front-end developer, she broadened my understanding of the tech industry as a whole. Accompanying her hard work ethics, Christina's cheerful personality and go-getter attitude encouraged me to work harder at certain tasks but to also have fun with it." -Will Du
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