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Financial Advisors are Failing Women: What Female Clients Really Want and How to Change the Dialogue

Tuesday, February 2nd at 5:00pm 15 months ago
Rotman School of Management, MBA Classroom 1065 105 St. George Street, Toronto, ON
Although much has changed in the evolution of the financial advice business over the last 50 years, there’s been little progress with respect to understanding the financial needs of women. Even though women represent a financial powerhouse today, they continue to be misunderstood and looked upon as a niche market. The financial community still sees women as risk averse, not particularly interested in investments, and most likely not the decision maker. But the reality is women are willing to accept risk when they understand the context, they are interested in investing, if it is presented in a way that connects to their lives, and, as often as not, they are not only decision makers, they are decision breakers. The congruence of three major events makes it imperative for the financial community to listen to women and reach out in a way that resonates with them. The unprecedented growth of women’s economic power, the transfer of wealth from dying male baby boomers to their widows and upcoming legislative changes continue to put women in control of more financial assets that at any other time in history. But women too have a role if they want to change the dialogue. For their part women need to be more engaged in the investment process, more demanding of their advisors and be prepared to speak up or walk away when their service providers fail to meet their needs. They have been quiet for much too long.
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