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Aboriginal Community Media: An Evening with Dr. Raven Sinclair

Tuesday, October 20th at 7:00pm 18 months ago
George Vari Engineering and Computing Centre, Eng 103 245 Church Street, Toronto, ON
The Studio for Media Activism & Critical Thought presents an interactive lecture with Dr. Raven Sinclair. Dr. Raven Sinclair is Cree/Assiniboine/Salteaux from Gordon's First Nation. This workshop will discuss community accountability & process in her new film about the 60's scoop in Canada. The event is FREE.

The 60s scoop is a shameful part of Canadian history that isn’t often discussed. Thousands of First Nations children were forcibly taken from their homes and denied their culture. Dr. Raven Sinclair, herself an adoptee of the scoop, seeks to raise awareness about this issue.
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