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Can America and Mexico help save us, and help the world cooperate too?

Thursday, October 1st at 7:30am 20 months ago
No matter who wins on October 19th, Canada-US relations will be in for a reset. But should we stop squabbling with America and Mexico just to boost our trade? Or should we try to strengthen the continent together? After all, we all face a huge list of common problems, from declining oil prices, energy, and climate change, to trade, border management, people movement, infrastructure, and even foreign and security policy.

Three of Canada's most knowledgeable commentators will take on the subject of Canada's future in North America, and North America's future in the world - at a RamsayBreakfast on Thursday, October 1.

Jeremy Kinsman was Minister at the Canadian Embassy in Washington, Ambassador in Moscow and in Rome, High Commissioner in London, and Ambassador to the European Union in Brussels. He holds positions at the University of California, Berkeley and at Ryerson University.

Evan Solomon is one of Canada's most astute political analysts. For many years, he hosted the flagship nightly series Power and Politics on CBC News Network and the weekly radio program, The House. He hosts a new radio program on politics on SiriusXM Canada and writes a regular column in Maclean's.

Colin Robertson is senior Strategic Advisor for the US-based law firm of McKenna, Long and Aldridge LLP. For many years, he managed congressional relations as the first Advocacy Secretary at the Canadian Embassy in Washington, having earlier been Canada's Consul General in Los Angeles and having served on the Canadian FTA/NAFTA teams. He is associated with the University of Calgary and Carleton University.
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