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A look at the historical identity of Iran

Sunday, August 23rd at 1:00pm 20 months ago
Harbourfront Centre, Miss Lou's Room 235 Queens Quay West, Toronto, ON
Archaeology professor Ali Atabaki explores a small section of the Iranian historical identity. Darius the First, the great Achaemenid king, chose to build his tomb within the rocky walls of the mount Hossein-Abad knowing that the Ilami relief on the mural was indicative of its important values. Around eight centuries after Cyrus, Bahram the Second, the fifth Sassanid king, ignored the importance of the Ilami relief and ordered lithographers to carve his and his companions image on it. In this talk, Atabaki introduces some of the Naqsh-e Rostam reliefs and explore a small section of the Iranian historical identity by referring to some of the available inscriptions.

Ali Atabaki has been professor of archaeology at various universities in Iran in for 12 years. He has done extensive and valuable research on numerous archaeological sites in Iran including Fars, Khuzestan, Ghom, Lorestan and Hamedan. The results of his research and excavations have been published in several papers and articles. His experience includes anthropological work.
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