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Crickets on the Tip of Your Tongue: Future Food Salon 2013

Thursday, April 18th at 8:00pm 50 months ago
Toronto born Jakub Dzamba is an architecture Phd candidate at McGill University by day, and a mad inventor working on his cricket reactors by night. For four years, Jakub has been experimenting with different prototypes of cricket farms in his quest to discover the most efficient way to raise crickets to a human food grade quality. His sketches and posters will be on display on the gallery walls. Jakub has spoken about his work in Bangladesh, in Germany, in the Czech Republic... we thought it was about time that we here in his hometown got a chance to hear about his marvellous inventions. Ask him about cricket psychology...ask him about cricket herding. Prepare to be amazed. Music, cricket canapés and for the faint of heart cricket-free canapés and libations will be served. Door prizes for the most futuristic or insecty attire. Hosted by Alimentary Initiatives and the Culture of Cities Centre.
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