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From Fragile to Agile: The Modularization of a User Interface

Thursday, September 18th at 6:00pm 33 months ago
Achievers InCenter 190 Liberty Street, Toronto, ON
Over the past 3 years, the Achievers' Platform has grown a lot. From an assortment of unrelated views and several css files with 1000+ line counts to an organized and leaner system built up of single purpose files, modular components and an over-arching universal design pattern. We will take you through the steps we took to get to where we are, problems we encountered along the way and practical advice to help you do the same.

From programming banana-throwing monkeys on his Commodore64 in his basement to dreaming of javascript lamdas, Chris Marlow has always been fascinated by programming. He joined Achievers 3 years ago as one of the first front-end developers, and has been learning, encouraging and implementing change in front-end practices since then. Most recently, Chris seems to have become obsessed with Git and functional programming concepts. When not reading about new frameworks or design patterns, Chris will either be obsessing over coffee, biking around the city or stepping up his street cred by rap-dancing.

Doors open at 6:00, and talk will begin at 6:30 sharp.
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